Illusion & Abstraction

Capturing the Landscape

In 2020, indoor events all but ceased.  Shelter-in-place restrictions limited our movement and air travel ground to a halt as Bermuda closed its borders for the first time in its history in an effort to contain the growing spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Life was contained to 21 square miles, and a renewed focus on exploring places better known to our islands’ guests began.  The landscape, once taken for granted, took on new meaning and re-ignited our imagination.

Part of Bermuda National Gallery’s multi-year series exploring our place, our people, our stories, and our future, this exhibition takes in both local and international artworks to look at the ways in which artists have both faithfully translated and refracted the landscape, from historical traditions rooted in realism to contemporary experimentations.

Examining our relationship with the natural world through three distinct lenses:  realism, depth, and space; atmosphere, colour, and light; shape, form, and line, Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape, provides the opportunity to see how others experience our shared world and encourages us to consider other perspectives; and, perhaps, see the world anew ourselves. 

Curated by Mitchell Klink. With support from Solterra Landscape and Design. Education programming sponsored by AXIS.